Visual Concepts specializes in the visual aspects of your company’s brand and identity. A brand identity design is the visual element representing how a company wants to be seen; it is the company’s visual identity, and it is how a company illustrates its ‘image.’ A company’s brand identity can be represented in terms of design through a unique logo or signage, and is then integrated throughout all the elements of a company’s printed material such as business cards, stationery, brochure, packaging, advertising, promotions and more.

Brand Development
Developing a brand can be one of the most difficult challenges for a business, but it is a vital step in creating an identity. A company must define its brand, determine the brand’s objectives, identify the target audience, and decide how to package the brand. It is important to remember that a company only has one opportunity to make a lasting impression on its potential customer. Visual Concepts is there with you throughout the step-by-step process to ensure your newly developed brand identity is effective in producing a truly memorable experience between your brand and your customers.

Brand Deployment
Properly deploying a new brand requires working closely together to develop strategic goals, and design communication pieces that effectively deliver the new brand message. We believe the design process is a collaboration that fuses our creative strengths and our knowledge of the existing brand with our client’s in-depth understanding of his or her product or services to produce communications that are top-shelf.